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About Me Stuff


  • Cities are great places to visit but the country suits me best.
  • When I have to wear clothes, I wear lots of denim but I only own one pair of jeans.
  • I was fortunate to be an Air Force brat because it allowed me to live in or visit around 25 states and 5 foreign countries.
  • I've never been West.
  • I buy shoes more for comfort than looks and I don't have big feet.
  • I would have made a great researcher cause I'm good at digging into things to find the right answer.
  • The only bad grades I ever made in school were a D once in Algebra, and an F on a French exam.  I had to study hard for my grades.
  • I prefer chicken and seafood over beef, pork is ok.
  • I always knew I'd be a mother, I just didn't know any better.
  • Arrogant people piss me off
  • It was once easy to embarrass me but I got over it.
  • I feel bad when I can't fix problems, I was the fixer in my family.
  • I used to draw and paint, then I had kids
  • I am impatient
  • I love to laugh
  • Being organized is beyond me, since I'm visual most things have to be in sight for me to remember them.
  • I love photography and my computer.
  • I've had many different pets; a squirrel named Violet, a deer named CeeCee, a raccoon named Wally, and a cat named Rin-tin-tin.
  • I can and have driven a tractor and an 18 wheeler.
  • I would not say I was a safe driver of either
  • I worked in a factory once and hated it. 
  • I've also worked as a waitress and chambermaid
  • I have chopped cotton with a hoe and picked it with my hands.
  • I was not good at either
  • I've been married most of my life.
  • I have 8 grandchildren. 7 of them are little girls.
  • My favorite sport is football
  • My favorite football team is San Francisco 49ers
  • I'd love to live in the Florida Keys
  • I don't like to attend weddings or funerals, for many of the same reasons.
  • I believe in miracles but not in fairy tales or happy endings
  • My glass is half empty
  • Trust doesn't come easy for me, but when I do trust, I do it all the way
  • I hate confrontations
  • I think Sean Connery is the sexiest man alive
  • Clint Eastwood runs a close second
  • I would love to be debt free
  • I wish I owned a book store
  • Politics bore me, Politicians bore me more
  • I believe in life after death and I'm curious about reincarnation
  • My dearest possessions are books